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Linda B Cole

In February of 2011, QuinStreet made the decision to do some restructuring of its properties. I was one of many casualties. At that time I decided to put my skills to use as a freelancer, which has worked out well for me over the past few years. My focus remains as it has always been, technology with a main focus on internet technologies, cloud computing, data mining and data security, with perhaps a touch of my old love—3D graphic design.

Ever loyal, my work history shows my travels with just one company, through its various transitions and owners.


Database Journal

Database Journal

Several thousand articles passed through my hands in my eight years as Managing Editor of Database Journal.  I managed a large team of authors remotely, and demonstrated a proficiency in acquiring quality authors and content, proofreading and all levels of copy editing. I had the great pleasure of editing the writings of database gurus from around the world.  During that time I tripled the number of articles published per month and increased the site traffic by four times its original level. I spoke with industry leaders and kept abreast of the latest trends to ensure my readers were aware of relevant issues.  In addition to managing Database Journal, I also managed DBASupport, which was dedicated to the Oracle professional, and the SQLCourse sites, unique, interactive online training courses.


“I found working with Linda Cole to be a delight. She possesses a mix of good communication skills, patience, and technical savvy that is essential for an editor dealing with writers in the information technology space. Linda was both encouraging and persistent regarding deadlines and copy quality, thoroughly reviewed submissions, and provided positive and constructive feedback. I heartily recommend Linda as a technical editor and professional IT communicator.”

“Linda has been my editor at for the past 8 years, and has edited every single one of my articles that I’ve written (almost 100!) since then. She is the best
editor I’ve ever worked for bar none; she always found the time to make sure my articles were the best they could possibly be, and has done a fantastic job helping present my articles to the Oracle DBA community at large. Her firm grasp of web presentation styles, English grammar, and technical business writing excellence has helped me receive significant recognition as an author in the Oracle e-community.”

Web Developer’s Virtual Library

In 1997 just prior to the dot com bust, a little short on tech savvy but an enthusiastic ‘wannabe’ none-the-less, I applied to WDVL (pronounced Woodville) for the position of webmaster.  Not five minutes into
the phone interview, Alan Richmond realized I wasn’t a good fit for his requirements and attempted to end the interview.  Ever persistent (and a little desperate since he was the only one to respond to my many attempts to break into the industry), I offered to work for free. With much skepticism, I was ‘hired’ at the agreed upon rate of $0.00.  I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Alan and his wife Lucy, for giving me the opportunity to work with them.  For me, it was a labor of love; for them it was probably a nightmare!  They had to hold my hand every step of the way, teaching me to work directly on a UNIX server, walking me through the intricacies of vi, patiently explaining how to run the scripts that updated the live site. I must have done something right though; two weeks after they hired me for free,
they put me on the payroll.  Within a short period of time I also took over editing articles and writing a few of my own, several of which are still on the site to this day.


“In the late 1990’s, I worked for several years as a contributing author to the Web Developer’s Virtual Library ( site that Linda managed so skillfully. I
found her to be extremely knowledgeable, detailed, thorough and great at reviewing articles. She was always responsive to my questions and needs and also very courteous. Even though we both worked remotely and never met in person, our many email and phone conversations contributed to warm camaraderie which I really appreciated”.

“Linda is very accomplished in the work that she does, and always stays on top of emerging technologies. Her skills as an editor and online site manager are exceptional and professional. She is also a very capable leader, always taking the time to help her subordinates as well as her co-workers, and does so with patience and a positive outlook. I worked for Linda for two years at (Jupitermedia). She was the first person I worked for in an online, corporate setting, and she helped me to quickly adapt to that situation, always guiding and teaching in a thoughtful manner.”


Java Boutique

During my last three years as Managing Editor of WDVL, I also managed Javaboutique. I streamlined the site maintenance by installing one of the first content management systems, increased site traffic and managed the discussion forums.



Self-Help and Psychology Magazine

In 1996, when I started at Self-Help, I had a minimal knowledge of HTML and the ability to create so-so graphics in Paint Shop Pro. I learned as I went, first marking up articles and doing some graphic work. My graphics improved and with it my eye for design.  The lovely lady who is founder and CEO of the company had more faith in me than I did. At her request, I redesigned the site, installed discussion forums, (in the days before Vbulletin) and not to be left behind as far as web technology went, I researched and installed banner ads.  By the year 2000, when I left the magazine for WDVL, I had worked my way up to Systems Administrator and Senior Webmaster.


“Linda was our Top Manager at Pioneer Development Resources, Inc. for over 8 years. At her peak, she oversaw the work of 75 other programmers at SelfhelpMagazine and related websites. Not only does she have outstanding people skills and can manage unknown, unseen people from around the world in email, but she is one of the most competent, hard-working and reliable programmers I have ever met. She has the uncanny knack of knowing what to say and how to say it, or what to do and how to do it – all with ultimate goal being reached quickly and efficiently.”

Note: I realize the reference says eight years, while the dates indicate four years.  I remained on a consultant basis for an additional four years, but did very little during that time.

Archived Articles from 1997-2000

3D Graphics Portfolio



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