Explore 3D with DAZ Studio

If your heart yearns to create and your soul longs for more than flat, two-dimensional images, then what you seek might be DAZ Studio.  DAZ Studio is a 3D graphics program, geared towards the beginner as well as the seasoned designer.  I am by no means an expert, yet I was able to create the image to the left in a few hours. Now, if that sounds like more work than you want to put into creating a single image, I should let you know that the majority of the time involved is waiting for the image to render, especially if you’re like me and want to render after each and every little change.

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If you’ve never heard of 3D graphics, you’re probably wondering just what it is I’m talking about.  After all, the image above looks like any other two-dimensional image and in fact, it is.  The 3D comes into play before the image is rendered.   The DAZ Studio environment allows you to rotate the camera 360 degrees around your model, pan in and out, bank the camera and has a camera reset to get you quickly back to the default camera setting.

DAZ’s work environment displays your model with your selected textures and lighting. Even if it’s just an approximation of what your finished render will look like, it gives you a glimpse into the finished render while providing the ability to rotate your model or change camera views to preview your work.

If you’re not satisfied with some aspect of your creation, change it!   Bad hair day? A new do is just a click away. Start out to create a peaceful scene in the park only to discover the dragon you added doesn’t quite fit? Change your characters clothes, change their pose, and turn the sunlight into a thunder storm. DAZ has a large community of users/designers that have created little bits and pieces, architecture, environments, characters, monsters; all waiting to be loaded to your scene (free or for a small fee).

DAZ Productions offers a slew of models to work with. Both human and alien characters in all sizes, animals of all types and breeds and everything else to build an entire scene whether it be fantasy, sci-fi, medieval, or present time.  Join the Platinum Club to get the DAZ models at a fraction of the cost.

There are many top of the line 3D programs out there, and believe me when I say DAZ Studio can keep up with the best of them, but DAZ is free and that just makes it that much more attractive to beginners and those that don’t want to spend the big bucks before they know if they’ll even like doing 3D graphics.  Add all of the free content (models) that DAZ gives away with the software download, along with the weekly free models, the special sales (March Madness is taking place even as we speak) and the Platinum Club discounts, and well, it’s just a no-brainer.  DAZ is the place to start your quest into 3D.


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