Chrome 11 Shines with New Speech Feature and 27 Bug Fixes

A major new feature and 27 bug fixes herald the release of Chrome 11, including fixes for cloud print, a security update to the built-in version of Adobe Flash, user agent (UA) string changes, URL bar spoofing during navigation errors, at least four stale pointer issues and three use-after-free memory flaws. Google reportedly paid security researchers $16,500 in awards for reporting flaws.

A significant new feature of Chrome 11 is support for the HTML 5 speech input API. The HTML 5 speech input API allows web developers to replace keyboard input in a web browser, an ability not available with standard speech recognition software.

The W3C spec requires that user agents must only start speech input with explicit, informed user consent and they must give an obvious indication when audio is being recorded.  Google’s answer to this is an interface element that pops up to notify the user that audio is being recorded. Audio is sent to speech servers, transcribed and then text is typed out.

There are four versions of Chrome:

  • the canary channel (for bug hunters)
  • the developer preview channel (for developers)
  • the beta channel (for early adopters)
  • the stable channel (for general use)

Download Google Chrome 11.



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