FORCEdraft — the Text Editor that won’t Quit

If you’re having trouble staying focused on your writing, FORCEdraft might be just the proigram you need. This simple text editor runs in full screen only, does not allow you to click over to any other program or window (from the taskbar or by using the alt+tab key combination), has no keyboard shortcuts of any kind and will not allow you to minimize or exit until you’ve reached your goal. As their website says, FORCEdraft is “The text editor that won’t quit until you’re done. Like, literally will not quit.”

The app is a free, small (less than 1MB) stand-alone executable that doesn’t need to be installed.

Forcedraft’s lock screen can be set to exit after a certain amount of time or after a certain number of words. A third option is to set it to close when you tell it to close. Once you’re at the writing screen, you have no option but to write, distraction free, until your goal is reached. FORCEdraft auto saves your work every 20 seconds, so there’s no worries about losing your work.


One drawback that I find in the free version of FORCEdraft is there is no copy/paste. This option was not included to prevent you from tricking the program into thinking you wrote more than you actually did, but since I tend to move things around in my drafts from one place to another, I find it tedious that I can’t just copy/paste a block of text and instead have to retype it in the new location.

A pro version with some added features is available for $9.99. Extra’s in the pro version include four themes, the ability to change fonts, and enable keyboard shortcuts (like that copy/paste I miss in the free version). It also lets you display system time, battery status and word count.

The free version of FORCEdraft can be downloaded from their website:



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