Major New Release of InterSystems CACHÉ

InterSystems answers the demand for an economical, high availability solution, with its soon to be released new version of InterSystems CACHÉ. Additionally, the high-performance object database for transactional systems provides Java developers with high performance and persistent storage.  

CACHÉ Database Mirroring, a new alternative for high availability, gives CIOs a new dimension to make the trade-offs required in terms of availability demanded by business units, which can be deployed much less expensively than many of today’s options.

Java developers that are building applications with a very high rate of incoming data with low latency requirements will be glad to hear that CACHÉ eXTreme for Java gives them the ability to meet their objectives directly through Java, rather than having to build an in memory database or customized storage solution.

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CACHÉ Embraces Java and Developers Rejoice


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