PaperPhone: A Look into the Future

I must have missed something somewhere. I thought the goal was to become paperless. We have computers, tablets, e-readers, smart phones, but apparently our roots call to us because now we have the PaperPhone or I should say we will have the PaperPhone, in five to 10 years.
The PaperPhone prototype is a thin, flexible, pocket-size device composed of two layers; a 3.7 inch (9.5 cm) diagonal e-ink display and a flexible printed circuit with five bend sensors. The PaperPhone will make phone calls, store books, play music, everything today’s smart phones do with the exception of take pictures. But, with five to 10 years more before it’s ready for purchase by the public, the camera feature may still make it into the mix.

Roel Vertegaal, the director of Queen’s University Human Media Lab and lead creator says, “This is the future. Everything is going to look and feel like this within five years.” He went on to say, “This computer looks, feels and operates like a small sheet of interactive paper. You interact with it by bending it into a cell phone, flipping the corner to turn pages, or writing on it with a pen.”

The PaperPhone prototype will be unveiled on May 10 at the Association for Computing Machinery’s Computer Human Interaction conference in Vancouver.

Learn more on Roel Vertegaal’s blog: hml Human Media Lab.


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